Friday, October 1, 2010


So this week is happily coming to a close today. It's definately had it's ups and downs and now it's DONE.
The Ups?
It was my birthday
I got a new lap top and Italian Leather boots (boots courtesy of my parents recent trip to Italy)
And (*** THIS IS THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT THAT I DIDN'T KNOW FOR SURE IF IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AND BE MINE****) I got offered a new job! That's closer to home! YEA!

The downs?
It's be REALLY rainy this week
My current position co-irkers are being just that
and i got pee dripped on me....

See it was like this: It was a nice happy Wednesday afternoon. I picked up Kinsley from daycare, we drove home to her singing to me. Arrived to find my NEW BOOTS! Walked inside and BAM the dogs had done it again.

now you all know about the love hate relationship i've had with these furry (DEAR LORD the fur!) little creatures... but there was LITTLE love happening today. Apparently Sadie peed all over the kitchen floor. I can forgive this because it is a long day, and well when you have to go...

So i go down to the basement to get a towel and mop to start cleaning it up with (and to let them out back) when i hear water dripping. UH Great, gonna have to clean that up. So i walk over to the spot where the water is coming from (right below the dinning room... hmmmm) and i put my hand out to feel if that's where the water is coming from... but it's coming from the air vent.

Right then, my heart stops. My eyes follow the air vent and I notice that it's open end connects to the kitchen, where there's dog pee... and that's when i smell it... the stench radiating off of my hand. NOOO

I rush upstairs to confirm (because dog urine smell isn't enough of a confirmation apparently) and yes, the pee is dripping down the air vent. Now the lovely sent it being blown ALL OVER MY HOUSE!

So what do i do? Throw a towel down over it in disgust, run upstairs and wash the right side of my body, grab Kinsley and head out to play group so that Chris can clean up after his dogs, because tonight they are CLEARLY not mine!

So TGIF and Thank God for Beers! So cheers to the weekend and enjoy some K loving!

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