Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Kinsley

Dear Kinsley,

Wow, you're really growing way to fast. Mommy has been immersing herself in planning your first birthday party but i'm ignoring the fact that it's your FIRST BIRTHDAY! How did this happen? How did you go from being my cute little snugly baby to being TEN MONTHS OLD?!?! I don't understand. I mean i do know HOW you grew up, time will do that to you but I hate it.

It's strange, every day i encourage you to grow and develop, but then each morning when i'm cuddling you close i morn over the fact that you are growing and developing. You started walking recently and once you take a few steps you're almost as proud of yourself as we are! You refuse any and all baby food, it's only big girl food for you and boy are you a GREAT eater! You're not a big ole Micheline baby, but you are quite the eater!

Tonight i was trying to feed you your bottle and you were twisting and turning every way. And while i was trying to keep you in my arms and not on the floor I had a flash back of when you were a little and i would cuddle you to my breast and watch you nurse off into a peaceful sleep. I miss those days, yet they seem just like yesterday. How did this happen?

You're an amazing person, you have so much love and happiness to share with everyone. I love you little K. I love your smiles, I love your chubby legs, I love your four teeth, I even love your big ole crockedile tears.

I love you baby girl, just please don't stop needing me when you grow up into an amazing young woman. Remember what your Daddy and I have taught you and follow your heart and God.

I love you, You ARE my heart walking around on the outside.


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