Saturday, October 2, 2010

9 weeks until her party!!!

So i gave you a little sneak peak into Kinsley Birthday party this week and I thought that every Saturday until her birthday I'll keep giving you little glimpses into what i'm planning! So today I'm showing you the rest of the invite package. Yes it's about as complicated as a wedding invite. I understand this, I go over board. WHATEVER!

So here's the direction card that will be included in All of the invites. Designed entirely by me and my criminal skills and gankin images from the internet.
Cute no?

And then this bookmark style insert will be included into only our very favorite people's.... JUST KIDDING. This is for the friends who are traveling from 40+ minutes away that don't have kids and just really want to see us and have a beer. Oh and neighbors because they always come over for a beer, so might as well invite them since they'll come anyway~

I mean EVERYONE is welcome to come over for a beer, especially since it's BYOB (because this party is cost enough without providing a hundred people with alcohol!), but we DO live in a townhouse so we are limited on room so well, not EVERYONE is going to get this piece of paper... so it's almost like a Golden Ticket, yet not exclusive like that because if you DON'T get the ticket but still want to come over for a beer we're cool with that.

Anyway, here ya go... designed by me and criminal skills

And there's her Birthday Invite Packages. I'm also thinking of adding in confetti because confetti is fun and I think it would be hysterical to hear all of the "WTF" stories from people when they open it and it makes a mess everywhere. We'll see... I have to leave SOME element of surprise.

** yes i'm very aware that in the final paragraph i shouldn't have used TOO but whatever... it wasn't worth reprinting them all.

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