Monday, October 25, 2010

i know guys i know

I haven't been the best at doing these post, but i have a good reason... I started a new job!!! YEA! It was today! So last week was be finishing up stuff at the old one and getting things together for the new one. Now i'm there and it's glorious! I LOVE the people and the space... oh the space. It's an OFFICE. No like I have 4 walls, a window, and a DOOR, that if i REALLY wanted to, i could SHUT! Oh if i could have had this a few months ago when i was pumping... so yea on that front

I am only pumping 2 times a day now. Kinsley is still only drinking breast milk but we're finally really diving into that stash i worked so hard to create. We have also started giving kinsley her milk in a sippy cup once a day so that we can start to get rid of the bottle completely by the time she's One or around there. And once she's 11 months we're going to start slowing adding in whole milk to her bottles too. So hopefully she'll be having only whole milk by the time my supply and stash run out.

Kinsley is also walking EVERYWHERE. I mean there's still crawling but it's a whole lot of walking. She just loves it and i think it's because of her Baby doll obsession. See we knew that she liked her baby dolls but it's really going to a new level. She wants to walk just so she can carry her baby doll everywhere. It's the freaking cutest thing i've ever seen. God i love that kid! She also grabs her baby and cuddles it when she lays down in her crib. GAH! I just need to smother her in kisses!

So that's about it. I'll update you more soon WITH pictures, promise!

hugs from the breedloving world!

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