Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I was doing...

I am uninspired to write a post, mostly because all the pictures i want to post are on my Mother-in-laws camera... So rather then posting gibberish and so i wouldn't leave you hanging I'm going to tell you what i was up to a year ago and TWO years ago!
So Two years ago, on October 20, 2008... i don't know... there's no post in my blog BUT on the 17th and the 22nd there is! I think i was meant to look back at this because I needed to be reminded of what I used to feel. My Puppies USED to be my main source of happiness and cuddles. Now i lash out at them like I'm the wicked step mother. They are still just as cute, but now i'm all Momma bear about my little cub so i just want them to fall in line and well, they aren't.
I was also VERY big into my food blog (which I combined with this one to make everyones life easier), much to my husbands happiness. And we just finished painting and decorating for fall! That seems so long ago and like a much simpler life, but wow how I LOVE how "complicated" life is now!

And October 20, 2009.... You know I actually miss that. That belly was so special to me. And yes, it's even more special to have the "belly" on the outside now but I really miss those moments. GAH my boobs are going to start leaking milk if i'm not careful with my reminiscing!

Okay that did it... i need my bean.... love her!

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