Sunday, October 17, 2010

She thinks she's a Mommy

So the other morning Cupcake and I were playing... or rather She was playing while i was running around like there were hornets in my pants trying to get us out the door on time. Well once i was ready i went into the Den to see what Kinsley was up to and I watched.

I watched her notice her Babydoll
I asked her about it and she laughed
But she couldn't get her baby off her mind...
So she grabbed her and started playing with her!
And singing to her
And caring for her
And tried to take her for a walk...
... when i picked up K from daycare later that day she was taking her Babydoll that she plays with there and placing it in the bouncy seat, kissing it (or giving it resuscitation, her kisses are an open mouth over your nose, lol), attempting to bounce the seat and turn the music on for her baby. WHOA what?!? My 10 MONTH OLD is playing Mommy with her baby? She's growing up WAY too fast!

God love her, I love those britches she's too big for!

1 comment:

  1. That is too cute! My son has his favorite loveies and carts them all around the house. He offers them his soo soo and his sippy. It's hilarious how they just know how to nurture like that...must be because us Mom's are awesome ;)