Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday, MIA

So there isn't one, so if you would like to see your blog pimped out on my blog, email me and i would LOVE to have you as a guest poster... the subject can be on anything you like!

Since we don't have a guest poster I'm showing you a very blurry picture of Kinsley. This is Kinsley when i pick her up from daycare. Notice 4 things in this photo please...
1. She's smiling because she sees the Mama!
2. She's walking because she wants to...
3. Hold her baby... the ever present baby... gotta love her!
4. she has no bow... it's always removed at daycare because the other kids pull it out and it gets lost, so she wears it in and wears it out but her head is naked inbetween. Sad, yes, i know... we will all morn the absence of her bow now...

Thank you and goodnight.

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