Monday, August 30, 2010

I need toothpicks, is it the cloth diapers fault?

So i have a NON-sleeper and I will try ANYTHING to get some sleep! I mean for reals ya'll! I even bought cloth diapers because i read somewhere babies sleep better in cloth. Is this true... honestly i don't know, all i know is we've tried two nights in cloth diapers and things are still not good.
I mean we're going to try it again but oh i need some sleep... terrible right now i can't hardly keep my eyes open... I mean it's really bad people. Yesterday I took a ten minute nap while pumping because i REALLY could not stay awake.

Oh and guess what The Man told me... we're going to have guest tonight... uh huh. I mean I LOVE the people that want to come over and meet my "darling" little Kinsley BUT seriously? It's like this... 1. my house is a WRECK 2. I get home at 515 and they want to come over at 6... well Kinsley MUST be eating dinner BY 6 or she'll have a melt down.... meaning when i get home i have to cook... not clean... the house that is a WRECK, are we following along here?

OH AND my daughter will not just sit nicely and eat alone, no she's a social eater and only eats well IF we're all eating with her, i don't know why but there it is.

I just love it when days start like this~

How do you get your child to sleep? We've done cry it out, we've done 12 hours by 12 weeks, we've done the baby whisperer, cloth diapers, larger diapers, dream feeding, drugs... i mean Motrin and orejel for her teeth. Please tell me someone knows something that i haven't tried!

PS AWESOME guest post coming on Thursday!

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  1. Wow, what a day! Hopefully everything turned out, about your question for really tried everything and the only thing which comes to mind is what a friend of mine with a kid who just wouldn't sleep, decided to do.
    She asked her mom to sleep over two nights a week, and take care of her baby girl who kept waking up every two hours during the first year. Her husband and she felt as if at the end of the rope, so they decided to ask for help. They felt much better after, and the grandma was happy to help. If you find this appealing and have any reliable volounteers, try it out :)!