Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Parker

Dear Parker,

I haven't gotten to write you like I did your sister because y'all keep me so busy! Between work, your Dad, your sister, and your doctor's appointments Mommy just forgets. I'm sorry.

Right now we are 32 weeks and 4 days along. You have been making your own mark this pregnancy and making sure that you are different from your sister. You've even added a few new stretch marks to Momma's already riddled belly, thank you for that. I will now have a perminant reminder of your time in my belly for life, or until I convince your Daddy I need laser treatment, as well as a boob job, but that's not a conversation for you and I.

You're growing at about the same rate as your sister, always staying a week or two ahead on the scales. This frightens Momma for labor time but keeps me relived because I know you're doing well and thriving. You are also very determined to be paid attention to, I'm sure you'll have quite the "voice" when you are out here in the world. No matter what I'm doing (even sleeping, ahem!) you'll move and dance and punch to let me know you're there. You've also taken it upon yourself to move my pelvic bones for delivery, early. Now while it HURTS LIKE HELL, I'll forgive you if you'll come out and visit Momma and Daddy two weeks early! I really think February 10th is a MUCH better birthday, don't you?

You have been doing some fun things lately. Your future BFF Collin was born almost two weeks ago and every time I hold him you get excited, or jealous, not sure, but I'm going with excited because that's cuter! You normally like to punch Momma down in her lady regions but when I'm holding Collin you're all about "playing" up high where he's resting. And you know what? He doesn't seems to mind, sleeps right through it! He's REALLY excited to meet you.

Daddy and I have been busy getting your nursery put together and painted. Honestly little man, I can't WAIT to hold you! Seeing all of your little sleepers and tiny diapers has gotten Momma emotional lately, but a good emotional. Emotional that I'm going to have a son, a little man. To know I'm going to get to see your Daddy teach you how to be a man, and you couldn't have a better teacher! You are so lucky to have your Daddy and we're so lucky that we're going to have you. You are completing our family for us! We have the most amazing little girl and now we're going to have you too! God has surely smiled upon our family. I love you more then I can put into words right now and can't wait to meet you. So how about we set a date for February 10? Yes?



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