Friday, January 6, 2012


So I could get all warm and fuzzy with you and tell you I'm thankful for my daughter, for the baby I'm growing, for my amazing husband, for my family... but all that is a given right? I mean you KNOW despite my complaints that I'm thankful for them and everything else right? okay... so lets talk about what I'm REALLY thankful for!

  1. The minuscule half dose of caffeine I'm allowed in my BIG coffee that helps me prop open my eyes when I'm trying to get myself and a fussy toddler ready too early in the day
  2. For under eye concealer that hides (sort of) the fact that I'm often a walking zombie
  3. Make-up period, makes people think I have a pregnancy glow when really i just have an awesome blush!
  4. Big, supportive, covering panties! I'm sure the hubs would not agree on this one but, as my ever growing ass gets larger and larger the tiny low rise string of nothing panties are just not cutting it for this honking chunk of meat that is wiggling the strings off despite my best attempt to keep them on.
  5. Grandmas. I mean I'm thankful for them as people but especially as grandmas that want to take my toddler for a few hours here and there to give me rest and my mind back.
  6. books on CD. These prevent me from going into a raging conniption fit during my commute to and from work, you should all be thankful for this.
  7. Fruit snacks, muffins, lollipops these are all amazing bribes that i use when i need a happy toddler
  8. Daycare, seriously, even if she were only there for a few hours i would still love them! sometimes momma just needs a break. plus they do cool things too like teach her stuff
  9. Charmin toilet paper. when you are peeing as much as I am you like anything that is soft down there
  10. Schwan's: this is a frozen food delivery service and their food is amazing. Taste homemade and so i just pop it in the oven with no effort and it taste like there was effort. Score lazy momma!
So what are you thankful for?

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