Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I do love y'all, i'm just tired.

I think K is too!
I don't know WHY Blogger rotated this but... this is K sleeping on her brother Saturday early evening.

We've been busy going here and there and well I've been pregnant and in pain. Combine all that and I'm short on pictures and time. Last night the pressure was so bad down below that I told Chris if there were contractions i would be pushing right then. He still doesn't believe me I think.

Kinsley has been VERy clingy lately... see above. I went to a thirty-one event (NEW CATALOG!!!!) on Saturday morning and didn't get home until around 130. Well that little girl was NOT going to take a nap. She didn't for Chris and when I tried she still didn't. Finally I brought her downstairs with me (after my nap, because I'm an awesome Mom like that made her stay in her room for "quite time" while I slept) and she went right to sleep on my belly for around 40 minutes. OMG she's so cute!

Parker, besides making me feel like he's going for an early exit, has been beating me up from the inside. When he moves it is powerful and painful. He doesn't just stretch or roll he stretches, presses down on whatever he can find and THEN rolls WHILE still pushing out or down as hard as he can. He's going to be a strong one... good things since he's going to have a very "caring" big sister to battle with and two pups.

Lately I've been feeling like a terrible friend. I haven't been staying in touch with my girlfriends like i used to. I know part of it is life, part of it is pregnancy/raising a toddler, and part of it is sure laziness. But i miss my girlfriends, I miss their love and support. I miss relaxing with them. I hate it that with some you feel like a kid is in your picture and not theirs so that distances you. With some you allow physical distance put emotional distance between you. And yet others, when the convenience is gone then you allow the friendship to fade. I don't want to lose my friends because I changed churches, they moved, I had a kid, or any number of other things. Sure I can't just pick up like i use to, BUT i CAN pick up my phone! I'm sorry friends! I will be a better friend soon! I miss y'all!

Have you lost touch with a friend lately?

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  1. I'm in a similar situation in the friend department. We recently moved to a new place and the wives in Adam's unit have been so warm and welcoming. I just don't seem to have the energy (maybe I'm lazy...lol) to put forth effort in making friends with these girls. They are wonderful! I really just need to do it. It's good for us moms to have other women to go to, to vent to, etc. Good luck!