Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Roll when you hit the pavement honey!

When Kinsley was a baby I found myself RUSHING home to get a few extra minutes of play time with her. I would wake up GLADLY at 430am to get to nurse and cuddle her before I had to drop her off at daycare. Those days are over... mostly.

Now are the days of the toddler tantrum. Toddler demands fruit snacks in the morning, and since we've already had two meltdowns I gladly give in to make her happy so that I can get a damn cup of coffee made... But wait, I've AGREED to fruit snacks so she no longer wants that. Now she wants grapes. OKAY, coffee on hold, I give her nice healthy grapes while patting myself on the back that she chose something healthy. But wait, I've AGREED to grapes, so she throws them all over the counter and demands chocolate. You'll be happy to know that despite the fact that I still haven't gotten my coffee I put my foot down. No Chocolate! Enter meltdown three. Somewhere between that meltdown, getting our stuff together, getting coffee, and having another meltdown we made it out the door with me carrying 4 bags, a bowl of grapes, coffee, AND a still fussy toddler who is now pissed that the white lighted deer that were in her front yard for Christmas are now gone.

On our way to daycare Barney playing on the in-car DVD system helped slightly (Brother if you comment on this I will personally drive down to NC and clock you over the head. Barney shut her up, BARNEY made the tears stop, we LOVE Barney!). We arrived at daycare and she actually walks in by herself. I start to put her stuff away and she decides to run. Whatever. I follow, set up her breakfast (crack muffins as Cowboy and i so affectionately call them) and she's decided she does not want breakfast, she only wants me and she wants to fuss and whine WHILE on my lap. Normally this would not be allowed, tough love and all that (or the fact that i was going to late for work now) but she does have a runny nose and must not feel good.

Finally I tell her I love her, I'll see her later and hand her off to one of her favorite teachers while she's SCREAMING (is this five meltdowns now?) for me. I get into the car and lose it. I later call to check on her to find out she was fine after about ten minutes. **Head hitting desk**

This is our new routine. At night too. She wants cheese, I give it to her... oh well since I gave her that she now wants cake. No kidding, the kid is ALWAYS asking for cake. I don't have cake just lying around my house, if I did then I would be eating it!! Then we fight her through the entire bedtime routine and she falls asleep all the while Cowboy is asking me "what did you do to her"... oh DON'T ask a pregnant lady that is getting kicked and screamed at by her toddler that when YOU know good and well that I didn't do ANYTHING, no one did. Except maybe I did do something just by breathing in the same space as her. MAYBE my air pissed her off?

From now on I'm just going to call her teachers and tell them to be out on the sidewalk when i drive by and tell Kinsley to roll when she hits the pavement!

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  1. I am not looking forward to the "terrible twos". Hang in there mama!