Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I love My Gym!

So we used to go to Little Gym (for those of you unfamilar with these places they are like fun places where kids can play and burn energy relatively safely and they are indoors. They also teach them stuff but that's not why we REALLY go there is it?). We went to Little Gym because it had a good class time for us (i can only take K on Saturdays) and we had two of our neighbors going to there. BUT, I didn't really like it. Kinsley thought it was cool but I don't think she was REALLY excited about it ever. Eventually summer came and babies were born and we all stopped going to Little Gym.

K needed something though and I looked into Dance classes, but the places around us were not be responsive. Then i looked into My Gym, I used to work at one in college and knew K would love their program A LOT more. BUT, the saturday class was full. But, low and behold, right before Christmas, I got the call that she could now attend!!

TOTAL HIT! They still have a great program, awesome teachers and so much to do. Every week Kinsley can't wait to go and "swing, play in balls, slide, and DANCE" (all her words!). They change the set up every week and have new songs and activities and it all just flows better!

Every week they have a time where the kids get to swing and there's always special swings during this time. This week... the ZIP LINE!
I would say she's pretty much LOVING it!
And here she is in the "big" swing of the week, the bed swing.

ONLY time a boy is allow in her bed!

My Gym was a great choice for us. No it's not as close as other places but it's SO worth it for that smile!

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