Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My butt hurts, and a Christmas preview~

So my ass hurts... badly. I don't know if it's from Parker or my sadistic co-worker that convinced me to climb stairs with her yesterday.

My co-worker, who is 3 weeks farther along then me and has always been a runner (like a real, NEEDS to run runner) and has been working out her entire pregnancy while I slept, convinced me to workout with her at lunch. Just to do "something" so i would get into something of a groove before he was born and then keep it up afterwards. yea... see where this is going?

So I brought in my gear and headed down the gym with her. Well mistake number one, it's the new year so EVERYONE is heading down to the gym... the small gym. So all the machines were taken. My "take a nice gentle stroll on the elliptical" was taken. She being the hard ass that she is said she didn't get all changed for nothing (while i was thinking just changing was a workout in itself) and said we should walk some stairs. Somehow I agreed to this... can't be shown up ya know...

So we started up. It's 9 flights. ten if you count from the basement, which we only did that flight once. NINE flights. Um, I do paper, rock, scissors with hubs to NOT take the dogs outside at night so then i won't have to walk up just two flights. So we did it. Went down and she looked ready to do it again. I said to hell with it and joined her, rallying myself that I could do it once more. We got back to the bottom, I was sort of in one piece and she informed me she had ONE MORE left in her. I finally sucked up my pride and told her that last time WAS my one more time. But I didn't have my card to get back into the gym to change and I didn't want to sit in the stairway to be asked a million times if I was okay so I told her to go at HER pace and I would just meet her on her way down.

Ladies and gentleman I made it to the 7th floor! It hurt, it still hurts. But I made it! I will NOT make it again, unless by elevator.

So my ass hurts and I'm not sure if it was the stairs, Parker, or a combo of both of them.


Here's some Christmas pics to get you through until my family sends me theirs.

Pre-Santa... getting pumped up with Chick f la straws!
She looks unhappy here but she actually did NOT cry... I'll show proof with the official one soon.

Post Santa reward cookie! Piece of cake (or cookie) in her opinion.

Yeah she's all "See I'm a pro"... when in fact she was TERRIFIED!
Helping Momma get the presents to hand out, since bending is not my forte anymore.

I have a weird smile on my face, ignore that please.

K was really excited about some Elmo something or another... can you tell she likes Elmo by the PJ's?
Christmas, round two with Grandma...

It was great, but i can't wait to show the pictures of her in her Jeep that Santa brought! Also when is it appropriate to get rid of the Elf on the shelf TV special. Even though Chippy is drinking away his life with the booze and K thinks he's back at the North Pole we are still subjected to daily Elf on the Shelf TV watchings. Sometimes more if it's a weekend day. I know all the words.... Chris is starting to quote it... it's out of control.


  1. goodness that's a lot of stairs! good for you!

  2. Amazing work on the stairs! I try to take the stairs as many times a day but my building is only 2 stories tall. Haha, nowhere near what you accomplished yesterday. The only downfall is the bathroom is upstairs and my office is downstairs, haha.
    And, LOVE the Elmo Christmas jammies, wish I could have found those for Ella, she would have flipped!