Monday, January 23, 2012

Okay i REALLY want to have this baby and...

See if people's predictions are true. Kinsley is a "big helper". She likes to do anything you do. Cooking, cleaning, you name it! She also LOVES to take care of her baby dolls like we take care of her, including changing "BIG POOPS".

Lately she's been visiting Chris's Grandma a lot at the nursing home, whether we go or she goes alone with Debbie (her grandma). She taken to pushing her baby dolls around in their stroller on the floor and saying hi to everyone. I'm kinda shocked she's not scared, since most of the adults on that floor are drooling and not very coherent (Alzheimer's). But she LOVES it... but what does she love even more? Getting to feed Grandma Ruth
I mean beyond cute right? She was actually pretty good at it too!
So here's the debate... whenever my son decides to FINALLY leave my body, will K be a big helper or a jealous toddler, or a little of both? I can't wait to find out!

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