Wednesday, January 11, 2012

She really is amazing!

I know i complain a lot about my crazy toddler on here but I'm going to use this post to list out the things Kinsley has done or is doing that make my heart melt.

1. When she kicks my belly she immediately says "Sorry Mommy, Sorry Parker" And then kisses my belly.

2. When i was having a "I'm sad and pregnant" moment on Sunday She said "It okay Mommy, I kiss it, all better" and she proceeded to kiss any part of me she could get a hold of.

3. At dinner we pray. If we forget she insist on saying "Prayers". We've started to let her say prayers now. this is her prayer "Prayer.. *mumbles*... Prayer... *mumbles* AMEN!" We love it!

4. Kinsley can sing a lot of songs, ABCs, Itsey Bitsey Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus, etc. But my favorite is Jesus Loves Me. When I sing it to her I always say at the "YES Jesus Loves Kinsley...etc" But she insist on singing for every person in our family and sometimes her daycare. Makes for a very long song. When she sings it along she walks around the room pointing (almost like a sermon) yelling "And Jesus Love MOMMY!, Yes and Jesus Loves GRANDMA!" etc until everyone, even all the dogs she knows, are covered.

5. Kinsley has an amazing vocabulary and knack for speech, but she still has come really cute toddler words
Pashee = Passy
Cutter = Color
Yayou = Love you
Good Day = Have a good day
Hold You? = Will you hold me?
Booboo Ice! = She wants Elmo Ice for her (or her baby's) boo boo
Nite Nite Mommy Bed = she's trying to convince me to let her sleep in my bed
coome = excuse me
Prayers = I want to pray
*** Hit You! = **** Hit me (she's tattling)
Chicken = all meat
I Like *** (while her head shakes no) = she telling you she doesn't like something
Gipig = Guinea Pig
Telf or shelf = She wants to watch "Elf on the Shelf"
Gogee = Her friend Josie
Bottom = Her friend Autumn
Baby Jesus = All new babies she sees
PARker = Parker (she says it almost with a norther accent)
MIIIChael = Michael (said with a southern accent... she's very confused)

6. Kinsley is very aware of the rules they enforce at "school" (daycare) and likes to tell us them at home while she's breaking them...
"Baba (Barbara) Feet Down"
"Baba sit down"
"Baba two hands" (hold cups with two hands)

7. Kinsley is also turning into a master negotiator, especially at dinner. I told her the other night that she had to eat more of her dinner and she looked at me and said "One bite chicken Mommy, den all done" (while nodding her head). She will do this often and in many situations to get her way.

8. She's a product of the DVR generation and whenever a commerical does come on she immediately says "Oh No Mommy"

9. Kinsley is a master "Mommy" with her baby dolls. She takes them on walks, feeds them (from bottles and spoons), changes their "Big Poop Mommy", rocks them, sings to them, reads to them, and more.

10. Kinsley reads books to US now most nights. She reads them backwards. We think she does this so that her favorite Piggy get his passy BACK rather than losing it.

11. She is a pro at manners and will often remember them without help. She'll say Please and Thank You. She'll also say "Thank You Mommy" when she does something FOR you. She says Excuse me when she burbs or toots or sometimes in passing someone in the store. She's (VERY SLOWLY) starting to say it when she wants to talk to me when I'm talking to others.

I'm so proud of my baby, I really am. She's blows me away every day by how smart she is, I just hope I can keep up with her!

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