Monday, January 23, 2012

The Hospital Bag...

Oh this "hospital bag" has turned into a post in and of its own. Here's what I'm using as my bag:

It's from thirty-one... It's HUGE. I thought it would be perfect since there are 3 containers that go in (see above). So one would be for me, one for the hubs, and one for Parker/labor. So i got to packing.

Here's what I packed for me (since i know there are some ladies who have no clue)
  1. A robe
  2. Bathroom stuff (shower stuff, post shower, make up, hair, etc)
  3. Nipple cream and breast pads
  4. Towel (the ones there for shower are AWFUL!)
  5. clothes to go home in
  6. 2 breastfeeding tanks
  7. breastfeeding bra
  8. night gown
  9. 2 pairs of underwear I'm willing to throw away (you never know if you'll like the mesh ones they give you)
  10. socks (one regular pair and one no slip)
  11. my prescription meds (some hospitals want to give them to you... i figure if they don't care I'll have them on hand)
  12. Camera, charger, health insurance card (all this is in my purse daily so...)
Then for Parker I packed:
  1. Go home outfit (one in newborn size and the other in 0-3months
  2. His diaper bag
  3. blanket (no needed so much but wanted... sometimes you just want your own cute boy stuff on them)
  4. swaddling blanket (see above)
  5. boppy
  6. hat
Chris packed his bag with a change of clothes (comfy and something to sleep in), something to go home in, towel, and a bathroom bag... oh and a hat (in case he comes from work and don't have one).

I also need to pack the laptop (figure mother-in-law can stop at our house the next day and bring it) and pillows (theirs suck).

After the hospital stay I've already gotten
  1. Petroleum Jelly (for Park's manhood)
  2. tucks pads
  3. Epsom salt
  4. Pads
  5. Nipple Cream
  6. Nipple pads
  7. Nipple shield (needed this last time when K didn't latch correctly and made me crack)
I still need to get benitztine (I don't know it's exact name but you spray it down there after you've gone to the bathroom to help with any pain), stool softener (pooping after "pooping out a kid" is scary), and anti-bac for the world.

Other essentials i didn't list but are packed that you might want to know specifically about... Lotion (you'll feel soo dry), chap stick (same), snacks (especially i you're going to breastfeed, you'll be starving at all hours) and water (that's given to you at the hospital).

Hope my list helps you to get started! It's stuff i brought last time, sent mother-in-law out for, and wish i had last time.

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