Tuesday, January 24, 2012

THe forever controversal push gift

This subject is a source of contention for many Momma's. The controversy over a push gift is astounding to me. People get very opinionated about. What is a push gift you might ask? It's a gift the Daddy gives the Momma for pushing a watermelon out her whoha.

Some Mommas feel that it's silly and a baby is gift enough. Other Mommas feel that they need a little pat on the back. I feel that if you can get another gift out of your husband then TAKE IT!

My push gift when Kinsley was born was a really cute Coach purse that i found at the outlet. This time I didn't really have any ideas of what I wanted. I tossed around a few things but wasn't really jonesing for anything.

Then the hubs came home with the BEST IDEA EVER! He asked me (while pretensing that he understands if i don't think it's a good idea, etc) if i would like a cleaning service for a little while after Parker is born! OMG the heavens are raining down on me! If i hadn't already been squealing with delight while playing with my daughter, I could have started when he mentioned that!

I know when i go back to work and have two kids AND two dogs I'm going to lose my shit for a while trying to keep up with everything. Now, don't get the wrong impression, the hubs helps out around the house A LOT! But his hours are long and our nights and weekends are only going to get shorter with another human in the mix. Plus with Kinsley I had a minor "I've lost it" few months over being over whelmed with cleaning (mostly cleaning up after the dogs), dinner, work, etc. But my husband has HEARD me and LISTENED to me and he's giving me the best push gift ever! HELP!

Now when I go back to work I'll have someone come and do the big cleaning for me (bathrooms, etc), I'll order more ready made meals from Schwan's to help with last minute dinners, and I'll get to spend time with my kids and husband!

So my stance on a push gift? 1. Why not? and 2. Hell YEAH if it's a cleaning service!


  1. This will be one financial commitment you will not regret. It's worth every penny and then some. I used to feel lazy when I spoke of our "cleaning people", but it's something we choose to afford and it gives us extra time on the week and weekends without the guilt of having a "dirty" home looming over us. Yes, it will always be "messy" but the little unseen dust bunnies are long gone! Good job Chris!!!

  2. Ummm, push gift?!!? Will you please have Chris give Michael a call and tell him to get with the program!!! :)

  3. that is such an awesome push gift! what a great idea!
    i just got a Signature Pendant from Juno Lucina for our first baby, I didn't even know what a push gift was before this but I totally love it! It's so beautiful and meaningful :) http://www.jlucina.com/products/signature-collection/signature-pendant