Thursday, January 19, 2012

How i found out I'm a centimeter dialated...

So it's no secret that I've been having a TON of pain this pregnancy. Well yesterday it all sort of culminated into one giant piece of shit day.

I have had pain off and on in my upper ribcage just below my left boob. Normally i can get it to go away by laying a certain way... not this time. This time it was (and still is) really bad and wouldn't go away, started Tuesday morning. On Wednesday the pain was still there AND BAD and i now had awful stabbing pain in my upper back on the left side. Basically the left side of me sucks. Add on top of this add in crotch/hip pain and a toddler that was up from 12 until 3 in the morning off and on and i was not in good shape yesterday.

I left work to go home and rest and try to telework for part of the day but i couldn't get comfortable, or even close. Finally after being in tears practically I gave in and called the OB. They had me come in to get checked out. I explained everything and that Parker hadn't been terribly active compared to normal days. They checked my cervix and said I was (at 34 weeks 5 days) dilated a centimeter, but that might be nothing since I've had a child before. In MY humble non-medical opinion i think it means something (not imminent but...) by all the pressure I've been having down there.

They then took me to have a stress test done on Parker. This is where they hook up two monitors to you, one to watch his heart rate and one to watch for contractions. As soon as they strapped those bad boys around my belly he "woke up". He does NOT like having things on him! lol. His heart rate was perfect and I didn't have any contractions. So we're good.

They sent me on my way with a prescription for Tylenol with codeine in it and that was that. I took it last night and it helped a little. I still felt pain but it took the edge off. I'm only taking it at night so i can rest and then regular Tylenol during the day.

The pain is still here and hurts but at least we know Park is okay. AND Kinsley slept last night so I only had to get up to pee and change positions, NOT to get her back to sleep!


  1. Oh man, I cannot imagine that kind of pain right now. I'm getting wussy with just the crotch pain/pressure. But wahoo for Kinsley letting you get some sleep last night!

  2. The end is in sight! I had similar pain during y first pg, and was told it costochondritis, and basically you cant do anything about it. Fabulous. Take it easy!