Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Despite what you might be thinking, K does get to have fun!

Last Tuesday, despite being in terrible pain Kinsley and I attended a play date at BounceU. It was family night and for $18 she got to play from 5-8 (we left at 7) and we both got pizza and drinks! AND she got to see her friends and burn energy! SCORE!

To say she had fun was an understatement. AND I was worried. She didn't have a good day at school, didn't take a nap... It really could have gone either way, but she was good AND had fun!
This slide below was AWESOME! I had to go down with her a few times in the beginning, mostly because i had to help her to the top... do you SEE the size of this thing?

But she got the hang of it pretty quickly when these two PITA kids weren't crawling OVER her and almost knocking her down while their parents did nothing.

As you can see there was A LOT to do and we did it all. Yep she, Parker, and I. Oh and her friends... but yep i was in on it... wanted to cry in pain but totally worth it for her smile!

These are the PITA boys

This is my little girl wrestling with me!

FRIENDS (minus one who got in on another pic)! The girl in the front is 3 months older than K, the blond is 3 months younger than K. And they all play and argue like sisters! BFFs in the making?

So all in all a perfect night that ended with a "good job listening" lollipop! So see, I'm no all doom and gloom, K does get to smile and see the outside world occasionally!

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