Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yea so I was talking to a friend the other day and we were discussing our bodies and what we would like them to look like and how pregnancy and parana babies sucking on your boobs does to them. So the topic of Plastic Surgery came up and boy did i get excited just thinking about this!
Before i got pregnant it was known to Chris that once I'm done manufacturing babies (I would like 3 more floor models, Chris only wants one more, we'll see who's the better seller!), if we could afford it, work would be done to restore my body and self esteem to fix whatever diet and exercise won't fix (ie the boobs that are gathering around my waist and making friends with my now droopy belly button).

Now i know what you're thinking "Erin those are your battle scars from child birth and all it's beauty". Well if you REALLY believe that come over early in the morning and visit with me while i roll my boobs up into a bra that is the size of your head and then cover my whole torso with a slimming tank top so that you don't know how lumpy, wrinkly, etc my stomach is! And i did preface this with AFTER diet and exercise!

Speaking of which... i was SOOOOO motivated yesterday... then i didn't get home until late, chris got home, i made spaghetti (my freaking favorite!) and it was all down hill from there! I had GREAT aspirations to at least do 8min buns and put some laundry away... instead i did 60 min buns on the couch after TWO plates of pasta and i carried a basket of laundry upstairs and put it beside my dresser! OH THE SELF SABOTAGE! But hey, at least i did some of K's laundry and carried the basket UP STAIRS!

Then K decided that she wanted to visit A LOT during the night... Little Stinker! I'm SOOO going to get her back when she's in High School and wants to sleep and i'm going to go in and wake her up telling her i just need her to spend some time with me because i miss her... lets see how cute she thinks THAT is! Mommies ALWAYS get the last laugh!

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