Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Bow Gods Have Smiled on us!

So we ALL know i have a slight problem with buying bows. They are like my crack, and let me tell you Momma has got QUITE the crack habit! Kinsley just had some new bows come in the mail and let me tell you they are SOOO FREAKING CUTE!

Here's some of her booty!

I just LOVE the Fish!
She got a different Jewel then the one shown but still VERY VERY cute!

AND she got a custom bow for her Dedication AND she was gifted a bracelet to match! Where did she get all of this fabulousness? Our favorite bow maker Princess Couture Designs! She put them all on baby snap clips for us (so they stay amazingly in Kinsley's baby-fine hair) and now she's going to be the hit of Virginia Tech when we go there tomorrow to see her Uncle graduate! YEA!

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