Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rollover! BAD GIRL!

Okay so Kinsley now LOVES rolling from her back to her tummy! She thinks she's SOOO cool! I went into her daycare last night to see her on her tummy doing her best to crawl (Already!)... she can push herself along a little bit with her toes, so funny!
Anyway, i was SO excited about this and kept encouraging her all night to roll on her tummy. THEN BED TIME HAPPENED!

So i put her in her crib and she rolls onto her stomach and her little head pops up to look at me like "Um HEY! I'm still awake in here!" Even though she was very tired she kept doing this no matter how many times i laid her on her side (her sleeping position for the last 5 months). Well i decided to let her be since OBVIOUSLY she wanted to be on her tummy.... cool, I go downstairs, look in at the monitor and she's face down not moving, i run upstairs only to find out that NO she's got her head to the side like i do when i sleep... aww she's like Mommy!

Yeah, then she wakes up at 9... i go in... try to sooth, doesn't work so Chris rocks, puts her back in her crib, she cries, so i rock and then off to bed we all go.

Until 11, yep she's up again, so i feed her and back to bed we all go.

until 3, so i go in and she's PISSED, she's rolled onto her belly and can't roll back over in her sleepy stupor so i help her and sooth her and she's still pissed. So i pick her up and rock her for 20mins (while she just STARES at me) and am FINALLY able to put her back in her crib, and back to bed we all go.

Until 345, she's up again, Chris goes in this time, tries to sooth, tries to rock, NOTHING works... after 10-15 mins of this i yell for him to bring her into our room where i attach her to the boob and back to bed we all go.

Until 430 when my damn alarm clock goes off and curse the whole world and mumble under my breath things i wouldn't never repeat and then i kiss my SLEEPING daughter as i head to the shower.

Rolling-over SUCKS!

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