Monday, May 31, 2010

Help a kid POOP for crying out loud!

So Kinsley is a GREAT eater already! She LOVES her pears and will eat her squash and will sometimes tolerate her peas. She generally eats about 2 1/2 jars a day. She is NOT a fan of the cereal and you know what, i don't care. I'll talk to my pediatrician next week about if it's of great importance for her to eat the cereal but she has NO interest in it and has a TON of interest in her food so that's what i'm going with!

Well since she's such a good little eater our poops have changed... drastically! She has gone from liquid poop explosions up her back to turning her face bright red and popping her eyes out of the sockets to get a tiny terd out, bless her heart!

So after watching her make a weird expression, complete with the Elvis lip and nearly making her head pop off with all of her effort I promptly went to the store and got apple juice and prunes. I've heard they both work to help "push" it out, so we'll see.

I mean think about how frustrating this is people, to go from pretty much if you cough then you're entire body empties to feeling like you're in labor every time you need to poop! Has to be confusing for the poor thing! But don't worry, she's still taking it all in stride!

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