Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mimee is my Dad's mom. She lives with my parents right now. She and my RaRa used to live in New Orleans but then they needed more help then they could get in their home so they came to live with my parents. RaRa past away in 05 and is now in Arlington Cemetery.

Mimee has had a stroke so she's lost the ability to speak but still has it all going on upstairs and we find pretty good ways to communicate. Well Kinsley is Mimee's first Great Granddaughter! (She already has a great grandson and now has another great granddaughter, but K's the FIRST!). Mimee was so excited to meet her and just couldn't keep her eyes off of her! I think they make a cute pair!

Mimee liked that bib, i think she wanted to borrow it once lunch came around!
This one is blurry but so cute! They both thought it was funny when we said they could share a pack of diapers!
Kinsley loves being held by Mimee!
Mimee didn't want to give her back!

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