Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Teething gods,

Would you please come down and whisper the secrets to a happy teething baby in my ear. My happy little baby has been swallowed by teething hell. Gone are her easy to bed nights, instead they are full of now of shushing, rocking, and praying that the crying will stop. Gone are my once a night feedings and in are the terrible crying unless she's in my arms.

As much as it flatters me that she can only find comfort in my arms I would be okay with her sleeping in her own crib.

It got so bad on Saturday night that i crawled into the crib with her and tried to get her to sleep that way. It worked, until i eased myself out... she promptly woke up crying.... again. Yes, you did read that correctly, i crawled into her crib... and it DID NOT break! HAHA!

So we're slowly becoming a "family bed" family. Not out of want but out of dire desperation for sleep. If her sleeping locked safely in my arms will allow Chris and I to get ANY sleep, much less more then two hours at at time, i'll take it! Seeing as i haven't mastered sleeping while rocking her upright in a chair.

So all of you who have been there, PLEASE tell me what to do... tonight we're going to try LOTS of drugs... Generic Tylenol (b/c of the recall), teething Tablets or Orajel. During the day she's happy enough,with a slight fever... but the night brings in the monsters! Tell me this won't last long!


  1. I can't tell you it won't last long, but know that you are not alone. We are right there with you. RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I hate teething hell.

  2. My babys getting two teeth this week and theres these things call teething tablets. The ones I got are from walgreens and completely organic and they have helped wonders. Good luck, its sad to know your babys hurting and you cant do much about it huh.