Friday, May 7, 2010

Tiny Dancer!

So when Kinsley told me she wanted to wear her Tutu to school today I TRIED to explain to her that it might not be the best idea. I mean it might get dirty, or caught on something, etc. But when your child is just bound and determined to wear something, sometimes it's just easier to let them! (As long as they are covered and not mimicking the latest Marilyn Mason fan). So I threw my care to the wind and indulged my 5 month old and let her wear her cute tutu!

she's already trying to point her toes!

Her teacher at school just LOVED it!
Kinsley has now found her feet! She LOVES pulling on the and talking to them! She has this throaty squeal that she just loves to make now and thinks it's even better when you do it too! I love my cupcake!

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