Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep me walking

So Kinsley and I have a pretty good thing going lately. I pick her up at daycare, feed her before we leave. Go home, let the dogs out, then head out for a walk (sometimes with her Next Door Boyfriend Jackson... love that Good Southern Name!), come home and eat squash and pears, take her bath and off to bed she goes. It's nice, we both get outside, i get a little exercise and sometimes girl time with my neighbor. Today, however, could be interesting.

See i wore a dress today to work. It is the MOST difficult dress EVER if you're breastfeeding. You have to unzip the side to have ANY access, and then it's only to one boob. Want access to the other one? Take the dress off! And then i have to zip it back up... which makes me feel like i'm stuffing a sausage into a straw because the zipper SUCKS. See I wore this dress to my brother-in-law's Graduation from Virginia Tech and had to go into the gift shop office in order to feed Kinsley because of this dress! What worries me is when i go to her daycare and she's all like WHOO HOO the Boob is here! FEED ME! and i'm all like ummm can't until we get home, then she will proceed to SCREAM all the way home, my boobs will start leaking, the dogs will want to go out, i'll be caught in this contraption that has a crappy zipper that likes to get stuck and by the time i get the boob to her then her whole mood will be shot and putting her in a stroller for a nice relaxing walk will be out of the question! Do you SEE how all these dots are so delicately connected?

But on the upside... the dress is REALLY freakin cute!

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