Friday, May 7, 2010

Thankful/Thank God it's Friday Post

So we're going to take my favorite day of the week from now on to tell you what i'm most thankful for in my life at that moment! So here it goes!

1. I'm thankful that it's Friday and i get the whole weekend with Kinsley!
2. I'm thankful that God finds way to help me get through each day.
3. I'm thankful that even though it's hard Chris and I both have jobs!
4. I'm thankful that Kinsley is such a happy girl
5. I'm thankful for a husband that still loves be despite my exhaustion, lack of cooking lately, moodiness, and messy house.
6. I'm thankful for such an amazing support system of family and friends.
7. I'm thankful for our home, even though we have a lot of "I wish it were...'s" it's still our home!
8. More then anything I'm just thankful to have the name Mom!

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