Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poor little baby!

So on Saturday Kinsley spit up projectile style ALL OVER my mother-in-law. Now at first Chris and i weren't concerned because she's done this before.... OFTEN! So we changed her clothes and got her ready, again... until the threw up again... she was being so pitiful afterward too that we just didn't feel okay with it. So we told them to go ahead and we would come if she started feeling better. Well she went STRAIGHT to sleep and the woke herself up throwing up again... this is when Northern Cowboy and i looked at each other and decided that it was time to go to the doctor. But where's a doctor in a city you're not from?
Welcome GPS (piece of crap)... took us to a VERY VERY shady place... it was dark and there were half dressed people there, not welcoming... We got into triage and asked the nurse if we should go to a pediatric emergency room and she said "yes, it's right down the street".

Sweet! We walked in and immediately felt MUCH better with this choice! Got taken right back to a room too! By this point Kinsley had thrown up/gag/dry heaved at least 3 more times!

Here's my poor baby in her room!

"Daddy make it better"
My child does NOT cuddle anymore, she's always going going going and then wants to be left alone when she's tired. She couldn't get enough cuddles this time!
Well they scanned her belly and found it healthy and decided it was most likely a bug, gave her some medicine for the nausea and let it settle. Then brought in some pedialite. Let me tell you, that child sucked that bottle down like she as at a college frat party! She was HUNGRY! She kept that down and so then i fed her and she kept that down and back to the hotel she went!

She was such a little sweetie the whole time, even though i was a wreck! She's all better now and pooping with the best of them!

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