Wednesday, May 26, 2010

not sure if i've gone here with you.... deep dark secret

But i don't want my dogs anymore... hanging head in shame... i LOVE them... i REALLY do. They were like my children, until i actually HAD a child. Now they are just something else to do at home. Have to feed them, pay attention to them, clean up after them and keep them from injuring Kinsley.
I know, I'm a terrible person, and i will never give them up or wish harm on them but sometimes i dream of a life where we never had them so i wouldn't be going through this now.

Our dogs used to be people to me. They slept in our bed and went everywhere with me. I felt HORRIBLE if i was 15mins late getting home! NOW, now they have their own beds. Are not allowed up stairs unless we're sleeping and are no longer allowed in Kinsley's room at ANY time. Northern Cowboy LOVES to give me a BIG HUGE ENORMOUS guilt trip over it but honestly i don't care. I want to walk with my daughter without my arm getting pulled out of its socket. I want to put her on the floor without worrying that a dog might have peed there, a dog might step on her, or she might come up with a mouth full of dog hair.

I love my dogs, they are SOOOO sweet, but honestly... i wish they were older if you get what i'm saying.

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