Friday, May 7, 2010

a word on rectal temps

so I wanted to mention briefly the subject of taking your child's temp via the pooper.

This was one of my DEEPEST fears... i mean i've seen it done on my dogs and it didn't look to pleasant... they always gave me that bug eyed look of "You really did just stick something up there didn't you"... so to say the least i was NOT happy about trying this on my daughter.

So i bought an ear thermometer. Yeah, those are crap... DO NOT WORK! She ALWAYS had a temperature, so did i, so did the dogs, so did... you get it. So I have learned the rectal temp is always the best.

The first time i had to stick that thing in there (don't worry i knew to do only the tip, etc) i apologized to my little bit hoping and praying she wouldn't remember this when she's older. Then i braced myself for her screams (because i would sure scream if someone wanted to go IN my OUT hole... can you tell I'm not an exhibitionist.. sorry Brother for TMI) and you know what??? NO screams... didn't even acknowledge that something was happening! FANTASTIC! So i wiped the nervous sweat from my brow and moved on.

It's not always that easy, the other day when i had to take it i helped her to stimulate poop (not meaning to), and sometimes she's so active so to get her to lay still while i wait for the beep is not always easy.

But i'm here to tell you it's not as awful as i feared and i don't think i've scared her yet!

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