Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh we have a cold

So K has her first cold.. poor thing right? I mean yea I totally agree, I feel her pain. I get she can't breath and her throat hurts so that makes it hard to sleep... But i mean come on, grow up kid, let you Mama sleep. Just because you're up doesn't mean I have to be!

So it's like this. K wakes up, in her own spit up... gross and pitiful. So I don't feel like having a WWE match with her matress in the middle of the night so I just bring her into bed with Chris and I. (Only to find out that Chris is sick too, that's a whole other post) So she's in bed with us because that's the only way to get her to calm down and sleep (hence the only way I get to sleep). So we're sleeping, or we WERE, until Kinsley decided that it's 2 in the morning and she's awake and wanted me to be awake to. Oh, but my daughter doesn't do anything halfway, she likes to SMACK me awake. It's not a nice little pat pat, it's a WHACK wake up MOM! Oh and let me head butt you too, and now i'm going to rub my snotty runny nose all over your shirt and hair so that you don't get mad at me for waking you up because "I'm so pitiful". Man you got to love a snotty sleepy baby that just wants to play at 2 in the morning... that's okay... she said "Mama" at lunch on Friday... yeah i have THREE witnesses!


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