Monday, August 23, 2010

Yummy Mummy Monday!

So today is not so hot... yeah i know what you're thinking "Geezzz Erin we're seeing a TREND of LAZINESS!" And i KNOW, I AGREE! But what can i tell you? Northern Cowboy held me down against my will and pried by jaws open and stuffed that lovely chocolate fudge topped eclair down my throat. I didn't want to eat it, i promise! And it would have been really rude to NOT enjoy the steak topped with a creamy lobster and mushroom sauce with a side of garlic mashed potoatoes and ceaser salad, oh and a bloomin onion and two cocktails since it was Northern Cowboys birthday dinner and all. I mean really people I HAD to be polite.

So yes, it was a great weekend, a tasty weekend. And now my ass is just as tasty, that is if you enjoy seeing cottage cheese wrestle a hippo under a blanket, yummy.

So I'm REALLY going to get back on my Yummy Mummy plan... TONIGHT! Yes i really am... and do you know why i think i'm going to this time as apposed to all of the other times? Because i've instituted a no TV/electronics rule for the week at home. Yeah so when K is in bed I will have to clean or workout... or verbally communicate with the hubby, or if we're all lucky combine it all! So the TV is allow IF i'm doing a workout video or playing Wii (hence interacting) with the hubs. I feel like we (meaning me) use the boob tube too much and i don't want Kinsley to grow up with it always on in the background. So OFF it goes. We're going to try this for a week and see how it goes.

Pray for my sanity!

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  1. That's a good plan! I need to start turning off the tube as well. Extra bonus: slightly smaller electricity bill! woo! Good luck with that this week!! :)