Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So do you know what that is? It's an event/conference for women bloggers to get together and learn/bond/network with each other.
It is NOT cheap to attend and a good many of the women attending are being "sponsored". I am not a popular enough blog to be sponsored AND I do not have a huge bank account to sponsor me to attend~

BUT i would LOVE to! I read all of these amazing women's blogs and i would LOVE the chance to meet some of them in person because i know that we're just a hand shake away from becoming best internet stalking friends!

Sadly i will not be attending BUT i will be apart of this great idea that Mommyfriend has set up with her internet bestie. It's a BlogHer pity party! YEA!

Here's the details!

Simply rant about missing out on the hottest blogging conference this year.

Tell us why you are not going, what you will miss most or maybe NOT miss at the conference – write your post and come back to link up.

The idea is to hop around, get to know the other bloggers, leave them comments and have a little fun! Maybe by sharing our stories and banding together we will all feel a little better about not attending Blogher.

What I'll miss about BlogHer '10
1. Meeting all of these amazing women that i read about daily
2. Getting to hang with the girls!
3. Getting to go shopping for this amazing event
4. Networking with these women and getting tips and encouragement
5. Meeting Companies that i could possibly network with!

What I WON'T miss about BlogHer '10
1. Having to pack and then unpack
2. Having to leave my sweet little girl behind
3. Having to pump ALL weekend
4. Being the new girl
5. Telling people about my blog, that is really not anywhere NEAR their status level.

So there you have it... join the BlogHer pity party with us!


  1. Thanks for linking up with us! Oh that would be hard to pump while there. I remember having to do that when I went to work, not fun. But glad you can party with us!

  2. Following from pity party!
    Cute blog!!