Friday, August 27, 2010

She's a fast little booger!

SO i HATE the layout of my house. It's not conducive to making dinner and watching an active baby. If i'm in the kitchen there's no way for me to see Kinsley in the Den and you all know she's not going to STAY in the kitchen and play nicely for me, no matter how much i bribe her with food, toys, bowls, knives, (i mean i would never), gezz! The point is she won't stay put and i have to make dinner.

So I listen for her and peek around the corner every now and then. I mean we have baby proofed about as much as we can with out bubble wrapping her.

Well i hear a wine... not a cry but a pissed off wine. Well immediately i assume it's Stella going in for the lick attack (she loves a good runny nose)... but then i look around the kitchen and she AND Sadie are in there with me.... hmmm guess I should go and check on this situation....

Yep with in a few moments (I swear that child was just sitting over on the other side of the room playing, i saw and heard her toys!) she was here, behind the chair and end table, trapped. And when I asked her what she was doing, she laughed at me. OOOOh gezz! This is going to get interesting!

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