Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here's the Goal people!

Okay so i REALLY REALLY (imagine a whiny child...or myself... stomping her feet and pulling on her hair) want to go to BlogHer2011 in San Diego, CA.

What is BlogHer some of you might be asking??? One of the largest gathering of women bloggers of all niches. We're talking Mom bloggers, food bloggers, life bloggers, etc. And ALL of my favs are there so i could get in some MAJOR stalking! I mean AWESOME!

So here's the thing, it ain't cheap! I mean to say the least.... here's a break down k
Registration: $198 (if paid before 2/28/11)
Flight: $300-$400
Hotel: $200 a night (unless i can find some other BlogHer attendees and convince them i'm not some crazy physco stalker and get them to room with me, then i'll pay like 50-100 a night... depending on how many i fool, i mean convince)
Food: Well i'm hoping i can get TONS of free food at different events but still, need to budget for some starbucks right?!?! So for the Hell of it lets say $150.
Wardrobe: Okay we shouldn't go there because well, Caviar taste with a trailer park budget.

So what we're up to $800-1000. Yea, that AIN'T Happening at MY house. NO WAY! The Northern Cowboy will surely put his foot down on THAT one, even if i could spread the cost out here and there.... so here's my unimaginative solution (since like EVERYONE who went this year and other years did this... what can i say, i like to follow the cool crowd), I'm going to get sponsored! Yea, that's right, me. That's my goal. To get some poor sucker (or two) to think i'm cool enough to go to BlogHer on their dime and tell everyone how awesome they are for sending me.

Now you might be wondering HOW will i get sponsored? (I mean i'm not making this up, people were sponsored by Born Free, Nutri System, etc). I will get sponsored with YOUR help... I mean no, you don't have to give me money, even though that would be TOTALLY cool with me... YOU help me to get more readers.

You like what I say, tell a friend. You love seeing Kinsley in the mornings? Tell a friend. Share me on Facebook, Twitter, Everywhere! Comment, tell me what you like and don't like. QUICK people spread the word.

So the first goal is to get enough money for the Registration. I'll take it in $1s or $100s but once i get that $198 I'm registering! Then onto the flight and roomies!

So thanks and QUICK Spread the word!

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  1. I would love to go to BlogHer next year! Maybe we can partner up and help each other get there???