Friday, August 6, 2010

She's 8 Months Old!

Kinsley is super big now. I just look at her in amazement with how much has changed in just 8 months. She is SUCH a mover now, it's out of control.

Kinsley Claps (not on cue though)
She pulls up to standing
Can sit up and support herself
She crawls EVERYWHERE!
She will babble to you for hours
She has her big girl carseat now!
She knows what "all done" with sign language (she doesn't quite do it but she knows what it means when you do it and starts waving her hands in response)
She has two teeth and i see in her gums where her upper teeth are trying to come in.
She has traveled to the Bahamas, North Carolina, and Oregon.
She eats a rang of stage 2, 3, and finger foods
She still has not tasted a drop of formula
She's in size 3 cruiser diapers
And she's still as happy as ever!

Now on to the good stuff! Photo shoot!

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  1. Very cute! She looks like a really happy Baby! :-)