Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're an eating Fool I tell you!

Kinsley now eats dinner with us each night. It makes for an interesting evening for me since i have to rush home and get dinner made before she's ready to fall asleep... BUT it also makes me MAKE dinner rather then get lazy and just grab something. So i'll take it.

And Kinsley REALLY enjoys being s big girl with her food. SO much fun... here she is LOVING spaghetti! I was worried when we first gave her the Stage 3 babyfood spaghetti because she HATED it, and you know i didn't blame her because it was pretty gross... but oh how she loved Sasha's (my Mom) sauce! Mom freezed a bunch for me so it was nice to have a quick dinner to make!

This is her "Oh SNAP i didn't see that camera coming" face
This is her "You know what, FINE DON'T give me warning, i'll just eat the food on the back of my hand" face.
and here's her "Oh you know I'm a huge sucker for cameras" face.

Such a good little eater!

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