Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sex life, what?

OKay first a warning... Mom, Dad, Seph, and anyone else related to me... STOP READING NOW! If you keep reading you will be reading about something that you may not want to know about... the baby making process. No, we're not trying to make another baby... but the mechanics of what goes into it, so STOP READING!

I'm serious, you REALLY don't want to go here!

Okay i warned you, and you're a glutton for punishment and nightmares.

So one topic i've wanted to approach for a while, but have been quite leery of is the sex life after a baby. But i didn't want this to turn into some cheap soft core porn, nor did i want to go into such detail that you would all gauge your eyes our because you were picturing my post baby body naked. Then i read this post. Blair's guest poster really gave me the guts to put it all out there!

First i'll fill in the non-Mom's of what they are in for. So Chris and I had the typical sex life, it was great and as a man he had the typical "it's never enough" mantra. But the "marital's" were always yummy.
Then it was time to get pregnant... and all of a sudden "it was enough", lol. He would claim each time i would jump him as soon as he got home from work that he "knew" what i really wanted (a baby) but he would always give in and it would be so much fun and then WHAM! Pregnant the first month. Now to MANY of you this would be AWESOME... to my husband? Not so much. I had promised him 4-6 months of "trying"... Sorry Honey, you have Super Sperm!

Well you know all of those lairs, i mean women who claimed to be SOOO horny their entire pregnancy and their husbands were turning them down??? Yeah, once again my husbands hopes and dreams were dashed.

Well finally Kinsley came along and all of those sexless nights (I mean it never STOPPED, just slowed) were worth it. And BONUS i had a mandatory 6 weeks waiting period. For his sake we tried a week early and ladies, things were a little tight, and not in a good way. So we gave up and tried again later (If at first you don't succeed).

Since then it's been a roller coaster. A coaster full of sleeplessness, depression, hormone changes, self image insecurities, etc. When it happens he still takes my breath away. BUT getting me to let it happen is no small feat. It's not that i don't want him, it's that I don't want him to see me naked, I want more sleep, I want a few minutes to myself, I want to be crazy sex kitten from college but i don't know how.

In college (SEE Mom and Dad, Seriously told you to stop reading!) we were crazy, spur of the moment, exhibitionist almost. And now, often it's him trying to "cuddle" and me giving in and telling him lets make it a quickie... again.

So how did you and your husband get back into the swing of "things" after the baby? How do you try to put yourself out there to be sexy for your husband even when you feel the furthest thing FROM sexy. I mean don't get me wrong, i know that my still present stretch marks, flabby tummy, saggy leaking boobs (again Told you to stop reading), and spit-up clothes are dead sexy to everyone.... but how do you get that out of your head and feel worthy of a sexy Northern Cowboy that loves you no matter what?

So i guess this post has turned more into a post of how to get over myself... so how do i?

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