Thursday, August 5, 2010

8 Months, Make it stop!

She's 8 months (official 8 month photos coming soon). Where did the time go? That means in 4 measly little months she'll be a YEAR OLD! NO!

Well she's really been a growing and a shakin lately.

First of all, Kinsley Pulls up to standing now. She gets very upset when there's nothing to pull up on, so she'll straighten her legs with hands on the floor (think downward facing dog yoga pose) and fusses because there's nothing to pull her the rest of the way up. Very comical, i'll have to get a video for ya'll!

Last night I used the good ole remote as motivation... Worked like a charm.

Dang, she caught me!
Where did it go? I just threw it on the ground!
YEA! Got it back!
See the babylegs, GREAT for crawling around on our hard floors!

Also Kinsley knows the meaning of NO! She's been making it VERY difficult to change her diaper and clothes lately. She's always trying to roll over, etc. So last night getting ready for bed I couldn't even get her diaper on, so I twisted her back onto her back (for like the 2,893,470 time) and said "No Kinsley! Stop!" in a very firm voice. She just stared at me like I had snakes on my head! Lol. She stayed through the diaper and the pants and then started up again with twisting. Again I said firmly "No!" (not yell, just firm) and she laid back down until I was done.

I rewarded her with her glow worm and kisses and hugs.

She's getting TOO big! I'm not ready for this! All this disciplining and crap is for the birds, lol

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