Thursday, August 5, 2010

Silly Husband, Babies need Carseats!

This is my beautiful daughter in her carseat.

This is what she's supposed to be in when she's in a car. Well on Sunday when my Sexy Northern Cowboy, father to my child, picked us up at the airport he didn't have this carseat.

See it WAS In his Mom's car when we were dropped off at the airport on Friday. Then NC picked it up from his Mom's house. Then he left it in his truck while he picked up his ladies in my car. So no carseat.

Some people would just wait for him to go home to get it... but we live 45mins away from the airport IF he doesn't hit ANY traffic (not likely in DC). AND Kinsley and i were already waiting around in the airport for him to arrive for an hour since i told him the wrong time to pick us up. So rather then waiting, we pulled a Britney...


Or a version of that with Chris hold her in the backseat while i drive like a grandma on a Sunday and prayed that everything would be okay.

It was... but OH how i NEVER want to do that again.

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