Friday, August 13, 2010

Working on the blog...

So I feel like lately I've taken a detour from what my blog was in the begining. It was a respectfully funny antidote of my life. Now it's simple me whoring out pictures of my daughter hoping that she'll keep my readers interested. Now, while i appreciate the hard work she's put in these last eight months, i think i need to step back up my game and give ya'll more of what got you to reading this in the first place.

As a part of this "makeover" on the blog i'm also going to try to introduce ya'll to some other blogs that i just love by doing everything i can, short of selling them K, to get them to guest post on here so you can enjoy the reasons i started blogging!

So let me know what you want more of! Do you want more Kinsley (i don't know how i can do that short of bringing her to your house and plopping her on your lap. Do you want more Stories of my life, sans baby. Do you want more Vlogs? Let me know!

And without much further ado... I'm pimping out my child again!

Kinsley already had her dinner (or attempt at it) and so now it was our turn, but OBVIOUSLY she won't just sit there and watch, so i loaded up her tray with peaches, bread, and stage 3 spaghetti (yeah don't blame her for not liking that crap, i'll be cooking her the real stuff soon!). Kinsley had a lot of fun with her food and set straight to decorating herself with it (notice forehead). Towards the end she was getting pissed when she would put a peach in her mouth, like crying at the nerve of whoever (herself) put that god awful texture in her mouth, then she would swallow it, the drama would be over, and she would pick up another to start all over again, lovely.
She also enjoyed feeding the dogs her drool soaked bread and allowing them to help her clean her hands, beautiful!
And then off to the bath SHE went!

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