Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once upon a time there was a good baby...

So last night, and oh every night since this past Thursday, Kinsley has been waking up.Now I get it, she's sick, she coughs and she needs Mommy cuddles... but last night this kid was possessed! I'm serious! 10:30pm rolled around... only 4 hours after she went to bed and she woke up crying. I went in and tried to soothe her back to sleep by rubbing her head (a favorite of hers) and giving her the passy, but NOT picking her up. Well this did NOT work and soon she went to level 6 crying. So i picked her up to cuddle her and try to rock her to sleep. This made her escalate to level 10 crying. I'm telling you my kid was going ape-shit! I've never heard he scream like this before. It was comparable to a horror film staring her screaming!

So finally i whipped out the boob and she was content until she decided that 130am was a good time to practice her horror movie skills again... wonderful.

And what does the hubs ask? "Why is she so mad?" I don't know Cowboy, maybe she's still up set that her daycare took her bow off since it didn't match the new outfit that they put on her... how the hell should i know? Maybe she's just pissed at the world because she is dependent on the Momma. Or MAYBE she's just possessed and we should have been Catholic all along so that we could have an exorcist come!

Here she is in the morning while we're getting ready to leave... late. Notice that sneaky grin?
Momma Pick me up, i promise to stop turning my head backwards and throwing up green bile!
Begone evil demons, you will not have anymore control over me!
(look closely, see the tongue? yeah that's her new thing, show everyone her tongue... is it forked at the end?)
HAHA! Man I slept GREAT last night! Feel like a million bucks, how about you mom?

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  1. Ah, the sneaky little grin. Babies are so good at that ;)