Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why is she growing up?

Okay smart-asses i know WHY but i don't have to like it.

So last night K let me sleep a decent amount. She called me into her room around 330am to give her the boobie juice. After she had her fill she coughed so i sat there holding her until she was done coughing and settled. And you know what? It broke my heart! I wasn't cradling this little baby anymore. NO i was rubbing the back and resting my chin on my 8 month old who was SITTING in my lap with her head against my chest!

I feel like just yesterday I was still wobbling around with a big pregnant belly and now I'm cuddling my 8 month old!

It was too much to take in, so i just sat there a little longer holding her and remembering THAT moment for the future when she doesn't want to sit on my lap.

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  1. Can I tell you how much your blog makes me laugh! Seriously its my daily dose of its not just my child whos possesed :) Averie didnt sleep through the night at 8 months either but shortly there after she started too so hopefully thats in your future.

    One tip i heard is instead of letting her get full when you feed her in the middle of the night... slowly start to ween her of needing it so give her less and less every night.

    Anyways I know how you feel about K growing to fast. Averie doesnt even want me to hold her anymore shed rather walk by herself. Makes me sad. I cherish the nights when shes tired and wants to lay her head on my lap {even if for a fraction of a second}! Exciting to watch them grow but sad at the same time. Wait till K turns one.... I seriously shed a few tears today!