Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do you want to know what i did this past weekend???

I flew to Portland Oregon. Yeah that's ALL the way across the county. It's a 5 1/2 hour flight. And guess what else I did? Yep I took Kinsley with me... alone... no Chris to help me. Oh and guess what else i did? Flew back on Sunday. Yep Friday night to Sunday morning, cross country, that's how we roll at our house.

Kinsley really did an amazing job of being a good girl the whole time. I was so proud to call her my baby. I was just waiting for her to scream on the plane so i could ask the nearest passenger why they gave me their baby to hold, but luckily i didn't have to pawn her off like some cheap jewelry.

Once we arrived in Portland at 8:45pm (11:45pm EST) we got our luggage and then our rental car. I rented an infant carseat with the car, which the kind people at Avis allowed me to install all by myself. At night. With a sleepy infant. ALONE! So after fighting with the piece of crap for over 10mins (much to Kinsley's amusement) we were on our way! We checked into the hotel around 10:30pm (130am EST) waited for them to bring up the pack n play i had requested. And then went to bed. Or rather, i tried to put Kinsley into the PNP and she would have none of it and so i let her sleep with me... oh joy.

So we woke up around 7am. Took a bath together, got ready together, pried a door stopper out of her mouth and we went to breakfast.

Kinsley enjoyed puffs while i enjoyed a sausage, egg, and cheese Assiago bagel!
Oh and did i mention it was chilly outside? Felt SOOOO good! And Kinsley got to sport some cute gear!
Well after we ate we headed off the Children's Museum. It was so much fun! Kinsley loved it and loved the other kids! (I'll have to post pics later, i had forgotten my camera so i bought a disposable one and will get the pics loaded onto a disc soon).

Her favorite exhibit was the water one... but she loved tasting the clay in the clay room too! I thought it was cute all the clay she got on her pants to make her look like her Daddy after work!
Then we did some shopping, tried unsuccessfully to get Kinsley to take a nap, and headed over to Anna's house to hang out before the wedding!

Kinsley LOVES an audience and these ladies complied!

Yea Aunt Anna! You look so pretty!

Kinsley was even so nice to share her bows with the other babies that attended the wedding!

So after too short of a nap, off the wedding we went!

Anna looked incredible and it was a beautiful ceremony!
Afterwards we went to the reception where Kinsley finally decided she was done and ready to go to bed. So i hushed her to sleep (no i'm not breastfeeding her in this picture (even though i'm not above that... i'm just not) took a quick pic with my old roomies and grabbed my to go box of dinner and went back to the hotel with my little booger.
We went to bed, woke up at 4am and got our act together and went to the airport. Kinsley wasn't AS good as she was on the way there but we still got compliments from other passengers about how good she was so i was happy.

All in all, Am i crazy for flying across the country, alone, with an infant, for a weekend? Yes. Was it worth it and would i do it again for Anna? in a heart beat!

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