Friday, August 20, 2010

She's gonna get you!

Well Kinsley is back to her old self now. Still has a mild cough but it's really nothing. I mean looking at her you wouldn't think anything was ever wrong with her!

She LOVES to scrunch up her nose all the time and it really makes her look like a sneaky little girl! lol
She has mastered going up the step (as long as i take her socks off so she won't slide) and she's getting the hang of going down. Instead of turning to do feet first she will slowly go down hands first! lol.
A little Momma/daughter love. I look like a fool but K looks Angelic!
What kind of smile is that? Apparently K is thinking the same thing!
There's my bundle of love (ignore the sweat ring on my head, GROSS!)

Well they grow up too fast so enjoy every moment you have!

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  1. So sweet! All the shots of you two together are beautiful!