Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ever go through stages

So if you were to look in my closet you would see a very confused girl. I can't seem to decide who i am. I go through stages and they tend to go in a cycle.

First Cycle: Preppy
Preppy is in my southern roots. I love me a polo (pop the back collar), denim/khaki skirt, pearls, and rainbow flipflops. I love my scarf headbands, my ribbons, and my embroidery. It's just apart of me and when i need to just feel pretty it's by go to!

Second Cycle: Stylish
This is where I take preppy and put a little more city into it, with ruffles, sleeker tops with embellishments. Pretty chunky jewelry. I'll wear skinny jeans, gladiator sandals, and big statement earrings.

Third Cycle: Trendy
Here I bring out the daring in me. I'll wear leggins, or skinny jeans with a flowy top and platform heels. I'll style my hair all punk. I'll toss all cardigans to the back of the closet (because i know preppy me will want them later). I pull out the bangle chunky bracelets and the purses the size of my child.

Forth Cycle: Weekend me
This is when it's just me and the fam. No where to go, just us hanging out running errands. I love my jeans, of any style. Pair them with my flipflops or cowboy boots (depending on the weather). Throw on a t-shirt or solid color v-neck tee. Pair it with my Mom teething bling and the diaper bag as my purse.

I go through these styles often. Sometimes one will stick around for a while or even a season. Often one will only make an appearance for a single event. But i just can't seem to gravitate to just one style. I guess i'm still discovering who i am, maybe i always will be. Or maybe i'll just keep it up until i can afford to shop at Anthropology (soon).

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  1. see i am the opposite! I WANT to be daring but i usually stick to jeans and tanks...boring!