Monday, August 9, 2010

Yummy Mummy Monday!

Well here's to a NEW weightloss guide! Lets see if i can stick to this!
It's called Yummy Mummy. You buy the book which is a pdf. You also get a few other guides, etc. Reading through it i really like this program. It's made for busy Moms. So it really sets out high protein meals with whole wheat carbs. You have to eat every three hours to get your metabolism going. And you will work out for 90min A WEEK! Yeah not a day. She really involved strength training into your program because muscle burns more fat. You will be healthier and leaner if you burn fat and build muscle rather then just loose weight.

Holly focuses on how you look, not on the number on the scale. She wants to you to loose at a safe rate (1-2lbs a week) and she wants you to have cheat meals. But, with the cheat meals, you plan them ahead of time. For example i know that my mom is coming into town so one night we'll go out to eat. So i'll cheat then. I won't go over the top like i use to But i will order something that i really want, not just what i should eat.

So i've planned my meals out for the week and put them together and here's what it's going to look like most days:

On the drive in: Fruit smoothy with protein powder and light yogurt in it.
3hrs later: whole wheat blueberry waffles topped with natural peanut butter
3hrs later: spinach wrap of turkey, white american, baby spinach leaves, bell pepper slices, and mustard. and a little bag of baby carrots.
3hrs later: apple slices and almonds
Dinner: tonight will be ck breast, brown rice, and salad
Tomorrow: low fat sausage with peppers and onions, a starch and a veggie
wednesday: fish, starch and veggie
thurs: turkey burger on whole wheat sandwich thin with sweet potato fries
Friday: I'm hoping my Mom will cook!

and then weekends we normally wing it and go to the store.

I will be running every other day, walking whenever my neighbors want to, and doing my toning on non running days!

For more info on the Yummy Mummy program keep reading or go here. And no i'm not being given/paid anything for telling you about this program. It's just one i've decided to try and thought you might want to know how it goes~

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