Wednesday, October 7, 2009

31 wks and here you have it!

Are you ready for the pictures??? I mean they can be shocking to see ALL THAT BELLY! Okay well i warned you...

now REALLY prepare yourself for this one.... it's the BARE BELLY! Get ready....

Yeah so please excuse my stellar appearance, This is me in the evenings... i change as QUICKLY as possible into comfy clothes... ahhh relaxation! Oh and that mess behind me? Ignore that too... see giving the dogs a bath was my project last night, not cleaning the kitchen.

OH but DO look at my new drawer pulls that my Hottie Handyman Husband put on for me! He's so cute!
How far along? 31weeks

Baby's weight: Chunky is 3lbs 15oz! Whoo hoo

Stretch Marks? YES! thank you Kinsley for giving Mommy a gift for her birthday that she will remember for the REST OF HER LIFE! Oh and she likes to sprinkle my thighs with them too!

Sleep? right so i have a problem.... You tell people that you can't sleep and they are all like "Oh that's your body getting you ready for baby" but then THOSE people tell you to sleep now b/c you don't later... RIGHT and HOW am i to accomplish this?!?!?! Stupid cows!

Best moment this week: Seeing Kinsley again and seeing how well she's growing!

Movement? Oh yeah it's like a constant playing of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" in my belly b/c she thinks it's always her que to dance!

Food Cravings: no... not really anymore... it's hard for me to want to eat... i mean i'll be hungry but nothing sounds REALLY good and once i start eating i'm done in like 4 bites. ah well

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? barely in

What I miss: Being able to roll over in bed without waking the entire house.

What I am looking forward to: Tuck and Martiena's wedding this weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't beep at a pregnant lady walking across a parking lot, we WILL cut you!
Milestones: WE're getting so much done on our to do list and got to see that Kinsley is almost 4lbs!!!

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  1. Aww...It won't be long now! I think you look lovely!!!